George & Zelda

George, our resident swan, has lived on the lake for many years along with his wife Zelda. The pair nest on the island every spring, producing a flock of cygnets, who are the subject of many photographs and social media posts!

George himself is infamous in the local area and achieved national recognition when he was the victim of a horrific crossbow attack in 2018. Miraculously he survived thanks to the efforts of the Vale Wildlife Centre who nursed him back to health, but needless to say it didn’t improve his temper, and during nesting season he can become understandably aggressive towards anglers and boaters who stray too near the island.

To keep the peace with nature, boating is therefore restricted to the lower lake during April.

Please be mindful of all wildlife when fishing and taking part in any activities around the lake. Do your bit to help protect the wildlife by disposing of litter correctly and cleaning up any discarded fishing line.

If you see any animals in distress you can contact the local RSPCA on 01242 521958